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You can only live the life which is yours

Hire Ashlee for coaching and facilitation services.





Portland, Oregon based coach working with professional individuals and teams who seek to improve and become successful in interpersonal relationships and career satisfaction.

Ashlee also hosts and leads a variety of events and workshops for individuals who desire growth in different areas of their life, including an introduction to the Nine Types of the Enneagram. 

Ashlee is passionate about people and their unique gifts and talents. Ashlee hopes to help discover hidden dreams and allow these dreams to take root and grow. 

About Ashlee

How Ashlee 

Can Help

Invite Ashlee to facilitate your team's next retreat

Initial 30-minute Free Consultation

Ashlee helps companies, teams, and individuals discover what they want and then makes it happen. Her mission is to remind people that they really do have something unique to offer the world, because the world needs it!

Learn to lead 
from knowing your Enneagram type

90-minute Enneagram Typing Interview

Ashlee is trained in conducting Enneagram typing interviews. Leave with more knowledge about who you are and tools on how to move forward.

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