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Move forward
Discover your passions
Reflect on the relationships in your life

These are just some of the many transformational outcomes coaching produces. Coaching is future-focused and results-oriented.


Formal coaching is a discipline that is client-centered and designed to move someone to action through methodical questioning performed by the coach. One of the most helpful attributes of coaching is that the coach is not considered the expert. As your coach, I serve merely as a guide to unearth passions and callings only you, the client, would know about. I have been blown away by the way questions bring forth powerful movement in people's hearts. 

FAQs about Coaching

  1. What is coaching?
    Coaching is about moving forward in any area of your life from making a decision to a shifting your perspective on some issue. Coaching is client-centered. You, the client, do the work. Statistics say that 80% of the time people will successfully accomplish ideas they come up with on their own compared to a much smaller success rate that accompanies the suggestions of others. I believe you know what will work best for you and have the answers to live your own life successfully.


  2. What does a coach do?
    As your coach, I honor the client as competent and capable in your life and work.I believe that you are creative, resourceful and whole. With that lens, I will ask open-ended questions that assist you in discovery, clarity, and that align with what you want to achieve. Coaching elicits client-generated solutions and strategies, which ultimately have better outcomes.


  3. What about the client?
    You set the agenda! The client chooses the coaching topic of what would like to be accomplished. Also, you will work with me to design a plan of action. You can get coaching for as long as you like or just try out one session. We can discuss what would be the best fit.


  4. Who is coaching for?
    Everyone. If you are hungry for change in any area of your life, you are a good candidate for coaching. Here are some of the topics people receive coaching around:

    • Life transitions

    • Career shifts

    • Relational conflicts (Colleagues, friends, etc.)

    • Personal goals you want to accomplish (Writing a book, cleaning out your closet, health related issues, etc.)

    • Basically, any desire!

  5. What will I get out of coaching?
    You will get out as much as you put into it. Like many other forms of growth in life, when you show up fully, the outcome is much greater. In coaching, I have seen clients produce: greater self awareness, the ability to create and take advantage of opportunity, and begin to create the type of future one most desires.


  6. How would coaching help my business?
    Coaching actually started just a handful of decades ago and was mainly used by business executives. It has become such a powerful tool in the business world, that all sorts of genres of coaches have sprouted up since. Hiring a coach for your business is bringing coaching back to its roots. And it doesn't even have to be just for the CEO! If employees in an organization have a greater sense of self-awareness, they will be more connected to the mission of the organization and how they fit within that. This will lead to tremendous results.


  7. How is coaching different from counseling?
    Coaching is about working in the now to create the type of future you are looking for. Past experiences may come up in coaching, as it can be necessary to launch the client into the future, but healing past wounds is not the main focus. Coaching is about building and strengthening what you already possess. It gives you vision for the future. As a coach, I do not diagnose, nor am I trained to treat people who are struggling with mental illness.

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